Woman stabbed with screwdriver

by Eva Marie Woywod

Earlier this afternoon the Juneau County District Attorney's Office filed aggravated battery/domestic abuse and disorderly conduct/domestic abuse charges against Bernard S. Berther, 25, of Lyndon Station. Berther appeared in bond court via video conferencing and was given a $5000 cash bond with conditions that he does not have contact with the victim nor her residence.
According to the criminal complaint on Thursday, June 23, Detective Shaun Goyette was contacted by Deputy Deb Leque regarding a stabbing that had occurred in Lyndon Township. The deputy was with the victim at Mile Bluff Medical Center.
When Det. Goyette arrived at the hospital emergency room staff advised him that the female victim had numerous injuries including: a red swollen left cheek; abrasion to her lower left cheek; (2) puncture wounds to her upper left arm; a puncture wound and bruising on the back of her left arm; an imprint abrasion of the tip of a Phillips screwdriver on her left forearm; a small puncture wound on the outside of her left thigh; a small puncture wound on the top of her left knee; and multiple bruisings to her left thigh.
The complaint goes on to state that although the victim was hesitant she eventually described the incident to law enforcement. She stated that Berther was her fiance and they had been out to a bar with friends in Lyndon Station before going to one of their friend's home in Lyndon Township.
It was after leaving the friend's home the victim claims Berther starting attacking her, however at first she didn't realize that it was with a screwdriver.
When they arrived at their residence she states that Berther told her to go to bed. It was later when she saw Berther leave the residence that she was able to leave and find help at a bar in Lyndon Station where the bartender assisted the victim until law enforcement arrived.
According to law enforcement a later search of the vehicle Berther had been using revealed (2) Phillips screwdrivers and blood located throughout the front passenger side of the car.
Berther is scheduled for a July 13, 2016 initial appearance before Judge Paul Curran. At this time the defendant has not posted bond and remains in custody at the Juneau County Jail.