New Lisbon Students Participate in District Solo-Ensemble

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On Thursday, March 23rd and Saturday, April 1st students from New Lisbon Junior High and High School participated in the Little River’s Music Conference District Solo-Ensemble Festivals held at New Lisbon Schools. THANK YOU to the New Lisbon Lioness Club, parents and community volunteers who helped to make all the festivals a huge success. Sixteen events from New Lisbon received a Starred First Rating and will be advancing to State Solo-Ensemble at Viterbo University in LaCrosse on Saturday, May 6th. Listed below are the results of the New Lisbon events that participated in those festivals:


CLASS A STARRED FIRST: Saxophone Solo – Camille Verde

CLASS A FIRST: Trumpet Solo – William Korbein
CLASS B FIRST: Flute Solo – Sabrina Wolf; SSA Trio – Hope Baumgart, Megan Froh, Madeline Jasinski; Vocal Duet – Sabrina Wolf & Allison Gollmar

CLASS B SECOND: Clarinet Trio – Mikaila Schroeder, Gabriella Lobenstein, Janell Parker
Trumpet Solo – Owen Jones; Flute Solo – Mckylie Green; Saxophone Solo – Rachel Dewitt

CLASS C FIRST: Flute Quartet: Hailey Barker, Isabel Earhart, Mckylie Green, Sabrina Wolf; French Horn Solo – Molly Walker; Flute Duet – Mercedes Cunningham & Peyton Torkelson
Xylophone Solo – Natasha Reynolds; Trumpet Solo – Jason Ingraham;
Flute Solo – Peyton Torkelson; Vocal Solo – Rachel Dewitt; Vocal Duets – Ciara Hendrickson & Krista Cook; Madeline Jasinski & Owen Jones;
TTB Trio – Mason Turner, Owen Jones, Davin Bollig; SSA Trio – Brianna Voss, Ciara Hendrickson, Krista Cook; SAB Ensemble – Madeline Jasinski; Rachel Dewitt, Ciara Henrickson, Krista Cook, Mason Turner, Owen Jones, Davin Bollig; Piano Solo – Allison Gollmar

CLASS C SECOND: Trombone Solo – Mason Turner; Xylophone Solo – Allison Gollmar

CLASS C THIRD: Tuba Solo – Cody Gonzalez

PARTICIPATION PINS: Vocal Solo – Natasha Reynolds; Vocal Duet – Natasha Reynolds & Molly Walker; SSA Trio – Molly Walker, Hannah Bunker, Sophie Weiland
Jazz Piano Solo – Anna Georgeson; Piano Solo – Molly Walker


CLASS A STARRED FIRST: Bari Sax Solo – Kassidy Earhart; Saxophone Trio – Margaret Martin, Mikayla Newlun, Kassidy Earhart; Clarinet Solo – Jordyn Schneider; Vocal Solos – Sabrina Olson, Hannah Cook, Catrina Johnson, Niah Ingraham, Duncan Day; Music Theater Solos: Sabrina Olson, Hannah Cook, Catrina Johnson, Duncan Day; Treble Barbershop – Hannah Cook, Margaret Martin, Sabrina Olson, Kayla Steele; Men’s Barbershop – Jeremy Czubakowski, Duncan Day, Brenden Simmons, Connor Larson; Men’s Ensemble – Kengkue Thao, Collin Peterson, Rylan Gerke, Brenden Simmons, Jeremy Czubakowski, Connor Larson, Duncan Day, Jared Dvorak, Nathan Walker, Billy Macomber; Piano Solo – Niah Ingraham

CLASS A FIRST: Saxophone Quartet – Camille Verde, Josh Woggon, Mikayla Newlun, Kassidy Earhart; Flute/Clarinet Duet – Kayla Robison, Jordyn Schneider; Vocal Solo – Alex Dow; Music Theater Solo – Niah Ingraham; Vocal Duet – Hannah Cook & Duncan Day

CLASS A SECOND: Vocal Duet – Lauren Bena & Sofie Hendrickson

CLASS B FIRST: Tuba Solo – Andrew Day; French Horn Solo – John Schirmer; Euphonium Solo – Nathan Walker; Clarinet Solo – Kollin Bolchen;
Vocal Solo – Dakota Koca; Piano Solo – Lauren Luke

CLASS B SECOND: Clarinet Solo – Carmen Brown; Saxophone Solo – Joshua Woggon; Trombone Solo – Brandon Wolf; Vocal Solos – Apryl Brown, Carmen Brown

CLASS C FIRST: Saxophone Solo – Jordyn Schneider; Vocal Duet – Apryl & Carmen Brown

CLASS C SECOND: Bass Clarinet Duet – Cheyenne Ballering & Alyssa Froh