Opening of New Lisbon Streets to ATV's hits snag with WI-DOT

by Karen Eggleston

An amendment to the ATV ordinance was added after the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WI-DOT) rejected the proposed route initially submitted from the City Of New Lisbon. Originally the city wanted to allow ATV’s access from the bridge on Hwy 80 into downtown New Lisbon to Pearl Street. WI-DOT nixed that idea and came back allowing the ATV’s access to Carroll Street only.

The amendment was approved by the common council and now has to go before the Juneau County Board for approval. If the County Board approves the amendment it will then be resubmitted to WI-DOT for approval.

Former common council member, Roy Granger, who is a member of a local ATV club, has been working as sort of a liaison between the city and the ATV clubs. Granger would like to remind ATV riders that the streets of New Lisbon have not been opened up to ATV travel yet. Granger said, “We were hoping to have the signage up and the routes opened by June 1 but with this little setback we don’t think that will happen. It is all dependent on how quickly the DOT approves this, if they even do approve it.”

The City of New Lisbon heard from Monica Hauser of Hawkins Ash CPA’s of LaCrosse, Wisconsin about financial reports for the year ending December 31, 2016. Hauser told the common council members, “You received an unmodified ‘clean’ auditor’s opinion on the City’s Financial Statement. It is the best you can get. Your city does a very good job at making sure that it stays within the budget it sets up.”

The City of New Lisbon’s website has been down for several months due to the sudden death of their webmaster. Lisa Vinz, City Clerk/Treasurer, has been researching web design companies. Vinz presented a list of web design companies and prices for the common council to review. Vinz said that all of the companies offered the same technical support for the most part. Vinz felt the City of New Lisbon would do well with any of the choices.

The common council chose TownWeb Designs of Madison to design the new website for the City of New Lisbon. The cost of custom design and building of the website will be $799 and for the annual hosting and domain name fee the yearly cost will be $843. Vinz said, “I really liked what they proposed. I was very impressed with the City of Neilsville’s website which they designed.”

The Common Council also voted on rehiring seven returning lifeguards and four new lifeguards to the New Lisbon Community Pool as recommended by the Pool and Park Committee. Lifeguard wages and Riverside Park hosts, Dan and Nancy Walker’s wages were also approved.

The Pool and Park Committee is looking around at other area pool manager wages before voting on Leah Faber, pool manager’s wages. They will discuss their findings at their next meeting on May 24 and present to the common council on May 31. The committee is still searching for a Pool Assistant Manager according to common council and pool and park committee member, Mark Toelle. Toelle said, “We have someone in mind and we will be able to let the common council know at the May 31 meeting.”

Single and family pool passes will be available at a $5 savings until June 9 and will be sold at the regular price beginning June 10 according to Lisa Vinz, City Clerk/Treasurer.

Vinz also reported that the Board of Review meeting is scheduled for May 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. and the Open Book Meeting for May 31 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Bob Anderson, Department of Public Works Director said they are still looking for summer help to do mowing. If interested in applying for the job, call City Hall at 608-562-5213.

Anderson also reported that the shelter floor at Riverside Park has been poured. Also, new chips have been laid down at the playgrounds at Heritage Park and Riverside Park. Drain tile was also placed at the Heritage Park playground to help with standing water.

During the public remarks portion of the meeting former council member, Roy Granger, reported to the members and those in attendance that Representative Ed Brooks has been hospitalized due to leukemia. Granger said, “I called Brooks office to verify what I had heard and they said Representative Brooks is in the hospital. I have the address if anyone would like to send cards. His staff said he likes funny cards.”

The council adjourned into closed session to discuss the electric line easement contract negotiation with legal counsel. After returning to open session the common council approved Mayor Lloyd Chase to sign the electric line easement contract with American Transmission Company (ATC).