Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Kailey Murphy: An American Red Cross volunteer

by Becca Bruss - iLead Student and Teen Reporter for The Messenger

Kailey Murphy is a senior at Mauston High School. Besides finishing up her senior year at school, she volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul in Mauston, along with being a part of the American Red Cross Disaster Relief on a national level. She joined the Red Cross because she wanted to help people not only locally, but nationally.

The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that is led by volunteers. They provide relief to victims of dis- aster and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. The Red Cross Disaster Relief services help with many different situations such as natural disasters and house fires. The ways they help include providing overnight shelter, food and water, health and mental health and “comfort kits” which contain personal supplies such as a toothbrush, deodorant, and shampoo. On redcross.org they state that there are nearly 64,000 disaster responses yearly, 95% of the disaster relief workers are volunteers and 90% of disasters they respond to are home fires.

Kailey's first deployment was to St. Louis, Missouri where she was stationed in Granite City, Illinois to work as a shelter assistant. I asked her what she liked most about her first deployment and she told me, “I enjoyed getting to meet many different types of people, whether they were other volunteers, staff or the clients I was working with.” She also told me how she recently went to Manitowoc, Wisconsin where she worked as a case- worker for an apartment building that started on fire.

It takes a very kind hearted, caring person to volunteer their time to not only help others in need but to be there for them no matter the issue. The Red Cross has many opportunities and ways people can help, whether it be a small monetary donation or volunteering your time like Kailey; anything and everything helps. When Kailey graduates she plans on going to MATC for college to begin her degree in sociology and she will also be staying with the Red Cross.