Town of Clearfield Residents devastated by flooding for over two months

by Karen Eggleston

The Town of Clearfield residents along 30th Street north of Hwy 80 have been dealing with high water levels causing flooding for over two months and say they are devastated. Calls have been made to township and county offices and cannot get any answers or action to help them with the flooding.

Brian Kowalczyck and his twin brother, Al, have had a cabin on 30th Street for 42 years. The water is within inches of entering into their cabin. Brian told the Messenger, “Our foundation is crumbling. We are very close to losing everything. We need to know that there is someone that will listen and help us.” Both are recuperating from health issues and cannot take care of the things needing to be done to save their belongings and cabin. His brother Al said, “We just do not have the resources to clean up the flood damage.”

Brian Kowalczyck spoke with Gervase Thompsom, Juneau County Emergency Management Director and was informed that the Army Corps of Engineers would be assessing the area in the fall. Kowalczyck said, “That will be too late for all of us. We need help now before our homes and property is ruined.”

Bob and Nancy Adler property along with their son’s Shane and Jodi Adler have some of the worst flooding in the neighborhood. Bob Adler said, “I have been pumping for two months now. I have used over 638 gallons of gasoline to run seven pumps twenty-four hours a day. We have to use ATV’s and UTV’s to get to our son’s home that is located at the back of our property.”

Ben Morey and his family were planning on building a new home but those plans have come to a screeching halt. “We can’t get the excavating equipment or concrete trucks onto the property. It is too wet, they would get buried. Also, an eight-ton weight limit is posted for 30th Street so we can’t even get them to the property.” Morey has three young children and due to stagnant water, the mosquito population is extremely large so his three young children cannot play outside. Morey said, “Something has changed, something has clogged up the water, something is not draining like it should, it feels like we are in a bathtub with a stopper in it.”

Marty Gillan, who contacted the Messenger, has been in contact with most of his neighbors, “We are extremely frustrated. We cannot get answers from any agencies we have called. They all want their permit money before they will even come help us. They knew way back in November this was becoming a problem.”

David Nimmo said, “We had a guy out here, Phil Peterson from the Department of Agriculture office in Waupun back in March. He looked at the Little Yellow River and saw the beaver dams but he said he didn’t think they were the cause of the problem.

The Messenger sent an email to Gervase Thompson, Juneau County emergency management Thursday afternoon and has not received a reply at this time.