Mauston man charged with second degree sexual assault of a child at a local bar

by Karen Eggleston
Ryan T. Scott, 38 of Mauston - Photo courtesy of the Juneau County Sheriff's Office Ryan T. Scott, 38 of Mauston - Photo courtesy of the Juneau County Sheriff's Office

Ryan T. Scott, 38 of Mauston was charged with second-degree sexual assault of a child and disorderly conduct on June 26 for an alleged assault of a minor on June 24 at Rehab Bar in Mauston during a benefit for the recent apartment fire victims.

According to the criminal complaint, Mauston Police Officers Michael Sturek and Adam Noe responded to a call at Rehab for an unwanted subject.

The criminal complaint states Officer Noe spoke with the head of security at Rehab. The head of security told Noe that Scott came into Rehab and sat down next to a minor with autism. The minor accidentally took Scott’s plate of food, thinking it was hers. Scott asked the minor to show him where the tables of food were.

The complaint goes on to state that the head of security witnessed Scott and the minor at the food tables and stated at one point he felt something wasn’t right. Next, he noticed Scott holding onto the minor inappropriately. The head of security told Scott it was time for him to leave and he escorted him to the door. Scott repeatedly attempted to talk with security and after several times of telling Scott his conduct was inappropriate, the head of security had to physically “throw” Scott out of the establishment.

The minor victim told Noe that Scott had physically touched her shoulders, arms, and rib cage; hugged her a lot and had kissed her on the neck. The minor’s father and other family members were present at Rehab.

Scott was taken into custody by Officer Sturek. A preliminary breath test (PBT) was performed and the results indicated a level of alcohol in Scott’s system that required medical clearance per Juneau County Jail policy. He was transported to Mile Bluff Medical Center (MBMC). While at MBMC Scott continually raised his voice and was swearing at Sturek. When Sturek asked Scott to stop, Scott refused and continued to raise his voice and swear. When Scott was medically cleared Sturek transported Scott to the Juneau County Jail.

Videotape from Rehab was turned over to Noe by the head of security and the video matched the victim’s statement.

Scott appeared in custody in Juneau County Circuit Court on June 26 with Judge Paul S. Curran presiding for a bail/bond hearing. District Attorney Kenneth Hamm appeared for the State. Scott was given a $1500 cash bond; is to have no contact with the minor and two others; is to maintain absolute sobriety at all times, is not to possess any alcohol, is not to frequent any establishments that sell alcohol, or frequent any bars or taverns; and is to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18. An initial appearance is scheduled for July 12 at the Juneau County Justice Center.