Necedah Township man accused of assaulting 76-year-old man and threatening the life of an officer

by Eva Marie Woywod
Tony C. Wilson, 41 of Necedah Twp. Photo: Juneau County Sheriff's Office Tony C. Wilson, 41 of Necedah Twp. Photo: Juneau County Sheriff's Office

A September 13 initial appearance has been scheduled in the Juneau County Court system for 41-year-old Tony C. Wilson, Jr. of Necedah Township. Wilson is facing felony charges of strangulation/suffocation and threat to a law enforcement officer, as well as misdemeanor battery and bail jumping. On August 22, he was placed on a $100 cash bond with the condition that he not have contact with the victim nor their residence. Online court records state that during his bond hearing Wilson told the court he was unable to post bond.

According to the criminal complaint on the evening of August 21, Deputy Miltimore of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office, responded to a disturbance call on 27th Street in Necedah Township. Arriving on the scene, he met with the alleged victim, a 76-year- old man. The man advised him that Wilson was staying with him and his wife, and he was in the house. He went on to say earlier the 41-year-old had punched and choked him.

When the deputy made contact with Wilson, he noted that he had appeared agitated. The complaint goes on to state that when the deputy ordered Wilson to turn around and put his hands behind his back, he initially would not comply.

After being placed in handcuffs, Wilson allegedly told the deputy that he was going to rip Miltimore’s head from his shoulders.

Deputy Miltimore requested that Deputy Pfaff transport Wilson while he filled out the paperwork. The criminal complaint goes on to state that while Deputy Miltimore walked Wilson around the side of Deputy Pfaff’s squad car requesting of Wilson he take a seat. Wilson allegedly responded to Deputy Miltimore that if he took off the handcuffs he would kill him if he had the chance. After transporting Wilson to the jail where he was held in a holding cell, he reportedly continued on with his threats to kill law enforcement officers while he was beating on the door and yelling profanities.