Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Lexi Dvorak

by Becca Bruss - Teen Reporter

Lexi Dvorak is a 17-year- old who attends iLEAD Charter School in Mauston. She is very talented and involved in many school clubs like-show choir, the school's musical, acapella choir, jazz band, and the regular bands. She also volunteers monthly at the Sharing Supper and at the local food pantry. I asked Lexi to tell me more about the school's musical and she told me, “The musical is Seussical. It's a mashup of a bunch of different Doctor Seuss books. I am a supporting lead; I'm called a bird girl!” She then told me the performance for the musical is November 10-12.

Recently, Lexi performed at Beyond the Daily Grind in Mauston. She played her ukulele and the piano. I asked Lexi what made her want to learn ukulele and she responded with “I wanted to learn the ukulele because I have been an active music student since sixth grade, and I currently play many different instruments, including the piano, saxophone, clarinet, violin, bass guitar and bass clarinet.” She explained, “I set up my performance at Beyond the Daily Grind to show off my skills, as well as my piano skill.”. Lexi added, “My performance went well. I learned ukulele in about three months, and I learned mostly by ear.”

As of now, Lexi has no other performances planned, but she hopes to have more. For fun, Lexi likes to dance a lot and sing. She exclaimed, “Music is one of the most important things to me, so basically anything involving music. I also enjoy writing and reading.” Outside of school she works at Denny's.

Finally, I asked Lexi what she would say to someone who is trying to learn an instrument and she replied, “To someone looking to learn an instrument, it's a long process but it's something you can take with you anywhere. It's like a whole other language so don't be afraid to screw things up, because honestly, most people won't even notice if you do.”

Lexi told me her plans for after graduation include going to school to pursue a career in medicine, but she is not sure of what college or any of that yet!