Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Cheyenne Polack

by Becca Bruss - Teen Reporter

Cheyenne Polack is a sophomore in Necedah who turns 16 on February 5. I asked her to tell me about herself and things she likes to do for fun, she told me, “I am very sensitive and very emotional but my mom says it is because I have a huge heart. I like to fish, ride sled, ride ATV, ride horses, hunting and barrel race. I do powerlifting and love going to our farm with the animals. We have four horses, six goats, a cow, chickens, rabbits and some dogs and cats.”

I then asked her about school and her favorite subjects, she replied, “I don't particularly like school because the girls there judge me, but I have my main best friends and my boyfriend, and they make it worth it. My favorite subjects would be Principles of English. It is like English, but it's fun so we learn but don't realize we are learning it. We play games in there, and it's taught by my two favorite teachers!”

I then asked if she was in any sports besides powerlifting, she replied, “I used to be in volleyball and wanted to try basketball but that didn't happen.” She went on to explain, “I did volleyball and enjoyed it, but I stopped because that was barrel racing season, and I'd rather ride my horse, Jazmine, over anything in this world. We have a good one, and I’ve had her for three years in March. I just recently trained her to do barrels. She's a bigger horse because she has part draft in her, but I love her to pieces.”

I continued by asking her to tell me more about barrel racing and if she's in any competitions. She replied, “Barrel racing is my passion, and I think it is a way of life because a lot of people don't understand how incredible it is to have a bond with an animal that's way bigger than you. When they listen, it's amazing because controlling a 1000 pound animal feels like you can do anything.” Cheyenne went on to say, “Flying around the barrels is such an adrenaline rush, I think it's just an amazing feeling when you're out there. A lot of people don't understand how hard and fun it can be at times, horses have attitudes too. I do competitions in Tomah at the Saddle Club, and I plan on training another one of my horses this spring. She is younger and more athletic and has speed; so, I think she'll be better.”

I finished by asking Cheyenne what she likes best about being in powerlifting. She told me, “The best thing about powerlifting, I think, is when you lift all this weight and then you get a new personal best, its a cool feeling. Training is hard work, but in the end, it is all worth it. I am currently flowing back in because I was really sick. I've been out for about 3 weeks, and January 9 was my first day back in. I couldn't do too much, I got a little discouraged as it takes time.” She added, “I'm just glad that I have my family and friends to support me in the end. One more thing, it's amazing seeing people's faces when you just lift a ton of weight, and they had no idea what someone was capable of.”

I also asked Cheyenne’s mom, Tracy, if there was anything she would like to add. She said, “Cheyenne is one of the kindest person I know. She has a big heart and she would help anyone if she could. She cares about how people feel and would never do anything to hurt anyone intentionally anyway. Most people who know her adore her. She is absolutely amazing the way she lights up a room with her goofy sense of humor and her kindheartedness that she has just makes you smile no matter what kind of mood you're in. She is the light of my life!”

Tracy went on to tell me, “She loves horses, as you probably know. The first time she rode on a horse, she was three-years-old, and that's when she fell in love with horses. She hasn't stopped riding ever since. She really enjoys powerlifting as well; however, the last year has been a struggle with that due to some health issues that made her strength go up and down but she hasn't given up. Even when she's not at her best, she still keeps trying. Last year, she earned a medal at every meet for junior varsity; and this year, she qualified for state and is hoping to qualify for nationals. She enjoys the outdoors, she loves to bow hunt, fish, snowmobile and ride ATVs.”

Tracy then added a heartwarming story about Cheyenne’s encounter with an elderly gentleman at her job. “Cheyenne waitresses at Eagle’s Nest on Friday nights, and one of her regular customers who adore her will always wait for her if there is more than one waitress. He just turned 90, and he used to be a farmer. Anyway, they talk a lot about farming, so for Christmas, she got him a wooden wall decor about farming, and he brought in a poem that he wrote for her. The poem reads, “In ninety years, there are many people I have met, I do wish there are many more yet, there is one I met when I was 89, it would be nice if there were more like Cheyenne.” My point of this is that she really makes good impressions on people, not just her family.”

For after graduation, Cheyenne told me she has thought about being a vet for animals or a horse farrier. For schooling, she was thinking of Black River Falls or Baraboo. She also added, “I've also thought of joining a rescue team to save animals.”

Cheyenne is truly an amazing teen, from continuing to be in powerlifting despite a setback, to training her horses to do incredible things, to just having a big heart in general!