The Opportunity of a Lifetime

by Anna Straight

Fred and Julie Wemmer formerly of Redgranite, WI purchased Point Bluff just on the other end of the Highway 82 bridge going into Adams County. They purchased Point Bluff a little over two years ago after a health scare for Julie made the couple realize that life is too short, and you should be doing something that you love for a living. Fred told The Messenger that the old saying, “Do something that you love for a living, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” rings true to them.

They decided that since they have a love of the outdoors and canoeing, they would look for a campground to purchase. Once they saw that Point Bluff was for sale, they jumped at the chance to buy it, which they closed on the purchase on Julie’s birthday. The campground had everything that they were looking for and with it being right on the river, they were excited to be able to offer canoeing and tubing. The Wemmer’s also bought a little parcel of land about four miles up the road from the campground, so that they could drop off customers who want to tube down the river back to Point Bluff. Once they drop off the people who want to go tubing down the river, they help get the tubes into the water with the cooler tubes in the middle. You’re more than welcome to bring a cooler, however, please do not have any glass. They link the tubes together for a nice leisurely trip back down to Point Bluff. The Wemmer’s ride together on a jet ski to monitor how the canoes and the tubers are doing all throughout the day. While on the river, you’re more than welcome to stop at The Rock, which was formerly Castle Rock Resort, and stop by the Tiki Bar for a drink. The trip down the river without stopping for a drink usually takes around four hours, but if you have little ones or don’t want to spend that much time tubing you’re welcome to take the tube ride from The Rock down to Point Bluff. With the tubing starting at The Rock to Point Bluff the trip is only about an hour.

On December 20, 2017, the Wemmer’s purchased The Rock, formerly known as Castle Rock Resort. They said that they changed the name to avoid confusion as there are a lot of places in the area with Castle Rock in the name. With them purchasing The Rock, this afforded them the ability to add such things as being able to have a shorter tubing route for customers who didn’t want to take a 4-hour tube ride. However, with the purchase of The Rock, Fred ended up leaving his full-time job. He had over an hour commute to work and then would work a 12 hour day, and then turn around and drive home. The Rock allowed him to be closer to his family and work more on the campgrounds. The Rock has 3 cabins, group sites and 15 river sites. They also have a larger building that they are hoping to be able to use for events such as benefits, parties, and receptions.

After a day on the river, camping or just looking for someplace to go for supper Point Bluff may just be the place you’ll want to end up. Fred attended Marine Park Technical School in Fond du Lac with a degree in Culinary Arts. Fred has reworked the menu and hopes that the customers enjoy the changes that he’s instilled.

The Wemmer’s, along with their daughter, live on the grounds of Point Bluff. Even though the campers, canoers, and tubers aren’t there, the river still holds some pretty cool stuff during the winter. Fred told The Messenger that you can listen to the river, and you can hear the ice floating downstream and it bumps into each other, and it makes a unique sound. Fred also told The Messenger that he and Julie were, “Small town kids who wanted to do big things.” Owning not just one, but two campgrounds is their dream come true.