Group home resident faces charge of battery to an officer -

February 08, 2018

Zachary T. Sherman, 29, is facing multiple charges for an incident that took place in Lyndon Station on February 4, 2018. Those charges include felony battery to a law enforcement, misdemeanor battery, and disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Deputy Bradley Bires responded to a call of a domestic disturbance at a group home. A staff member accused Sherman of hitting her in the jaw. Upon arrival, the deputy met with staff at the home and with Sherman, and an agreement was made that Sherman could remain at the property and would follow instructions or else he would be transported to the Juneau County Jail.

Later on that day the Juneau County Sheriff's Office responded to another call from the home and about Sherman. This time staff alleged that he had been threatening to the other residents, including at one point throwing a glass of lemonade at one of them.

At this point and after meeting with Sherman, law enforcement made the decision that he would be transported to the Juneau County Jail. Sherman reportedly resisted arrest. He was restrained, handcuffed and escorted out to the squad car where leg shackles were placed on him as law enforcement reports that month ago he allegedly kicked at the glass in a squad car.

The complaint goes on to say that upon arriving at the jail Sherman was placed in a cell and the handcuffs and leg shackles were removed. After closing the door to the cell, Sherman reportedly started hitting the glass. Deputies then attempted to place him in a restraint chair. According to the criminal complaint it took 6 law enforcement officers to restrain him. Mauston Police Officer Eric Sanner was present and at one point Sherman allegedly bit Sanner in the arm, hard enough to cause pain and draw blood.

At a February 5 bond hearing, Sherman was placed on a $250 signature bond. An initial appearance has been scheduled for March 14, 2018.

Currently, also active in Juneau County Court, Sherman is facing a disorderly conduct citation for an incident that occurred on January 2, 2018. Online court records show that he also has three open cases in Waukesha County. Those cases were filed in November of last year. Those cases include a charge of substantial battery and resisting arrest.

According to a December 3, 2017, article by Scott Anderson of the Waukesha Patch: "Waukesha police told Patch that the man, Zachary T. Sherman, was taken to the ground and placed under arrest on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct. Police told Patch that Sherman would not be allowed to return to the group home after his release from jail."