Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Ethan Manhart

by Becca Bruss - Teen Reporter

Ethan Manhart is an 18 year old senior at Royall High School. I asked him what his favorite subject is and he told me, “My favorite subject is history. I like that I am able to essentially go back in time and experience the events of a different age. My hope is to use what I learn to better our future.” I then asked him what he likes to do out of school, he responded, “Outside of school,I enjoy reading and playing chess, video games and mini golf.” He is also active in many clubs and extracurricular activities including: NHS-Treasurer, student council, school board representative, madrigal choir, peer tutoring, chess club, math team, class treasurer, Royall High School musicals and he volunteers at Awana.

I asked Ethan to tell me about Awana and Madrigal Choir, he said, “Awana is a nonprofit Christian youth organization open to all kids pre-K to 12th grade. At Awana, I serve as a youth leader for kids kindergarten-second grade. I help teach Bible verses and lead the kids in club activities alongside our adult leaders.” He went on to say, “Madrigal choir is an extracurricular choir at Royall High School that performs more challenging pieces than concert choir. To be a member you must audition. Madrigal pieces are traditionally acapella and feature four parts: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. I typically sing bass.”

I finished by asking Ethan if his parent(s) would like to add anything, and if he had any plans for after graduation. Ethan’s mom said, “Ethan has a strong work ethic and enjoys helping others. Whatever he commits he gives it 100%.” He then stated, “After highschool, I plan on attending college at either UW-Madison or UW-La Crosse to pursue a degree in economics. I hope to then enter into teaching, politics or law.”Ethan is a unique teen with a bright future ahead of him.