March 19 proclaimed “Gundersen St. Joseph’s Day” in the City of Hillsboro as hospital celebrates 65th birthday

March 12, 2018

March 19, 2018, will be proclaimed “Gundersen St. Joseph’s Day” in the city of Hillsboro in recognition of the 65th birthday of Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital, which was dedicated on March 19, 1953.

The proclamation by Gregory Kubarski, mayor of Hillsboro, states “WHEREAS, a hospital acts as a cornerstone, a foundational institution in our communities; and WHEREAS, Gundersen St. Joseph’s has provided much needed care to our communities since it was dedicated on March 19, 1953; and WHEREAS, Gundersen St. Joseph’s mission is to improve the health, wellness and economic prosperity of our communities and enrich every life; and WHEREAS, the City of Hillsboro and its Common Council recognize the 65th birthday of Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital. Therefore, I, Gregory Kubarski, Mayor of the City of Hillsboro do hereby proclaim March 19, 2018 as ‘Gundersen St. Joseph’s Day’ in Hillsboro and wish them a Happy 65th Birthday!”

“This is such a meaningful milestone in the life of this facility and we are very thankful for this recognition by the city of Hillsboro and mayor Kubarski,” says Danni Gearhart, CEO, Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital and Clinics. “This building has played a significant role in the lives of people in our communities. For the last 65 years, every single patient, staff member and visitor has left their mark on the fabric of this facility which has developed its own personality and soul. That is why we’re celebrating a birthday and not an anniversary, because this building has as much heart and character as the people who use it and just like any other 65 year old, this building is now looking forward to retirement as we continue to refine our plans for a new facility.”

Plans for the new Gundersen St. Joseph’s facility are continuing to progress and details are being refined through a series of monthly meetings with HGA Architects and Engineers. More details about the project will be released in the coming months.