Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Marcus Sterbenz

by Becca Bruss - Teen Reporter

Marcus Sterbenz is a 17-year-old senior at Necedah Area School District. I asked Marcus to tell me about himself- the sports/clubs he is a part of and what he likes to do for fun. He told me “I’m a four-year varsity letter winner in football and track! I participate in WON80 Club, a club-leading towards a return in sportsmanship and I also participate in DECA-a club involving marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. I love to be outside, hunting, fishing, and camping!”

I asked Marcus what he enjoyed most about being in football and to tell me a little more about DECA and WON80, he told me “I enjoyed the team aspect most about football. Knowing that you aren't anything without your brothers who are fighting the same battle around you.” He went on to say “For DECA I participate in the Sports and Entertainment Marketing subject. I come up with ideas on how to make companies better! And, the WON80 club makes up appreciation bags for coaches, players and event workers thanking them for the work they do. We brainstorm and come up with more ideas to lead a return in sportsmanship!”

The person who told me about Marcus informed me that I should message Mr.Horbinski-a teacher at Necedah Schools to see if he would like to add anything, Mr.Horbinski told me, “I've had the privilege of teaching and coaching Marcus for the past 4 years. It has been such a pleasure to watch him develop into a leader and positive role model. Marcus is kind, compassionate and extremely hard working. I have no doubt he will continue to prosper and change the world for the better. I'm truly going to miss seeing him every day when he graduates in a couple of months!”

I also found out that Marcus was a peer tutor for mentally disabled students. I asked Marcus to tell me more about that and how long he has done it for, he replied with, “I chose to peer, tutor, the mentally disabled for a class the length of 3 terms (1 semester). Those kids were the highlight of my day, each day! I interacted with them by teaching, playing and just talking to them. My favorite memory from that is teaching one of the students how to say my name. And the day he called me over by my name was absolutely amazing and so rewarding! I no longer peer tutor them for class credit, but I still make it a priority and an obligation to go spend time with them each week.” He finished by telling me “I actually am a “bribe” for one of the students, where if they behave during the week, I come spend time with them doing whatever they want!”

“Now, instead of peer tutoring, I intern at Camp Douglas Rescue! I'm an observer learning the skills and techniques needed to be great in EMS, helping me get a head start on my future career! I want to be the best I can possibly be at anything I do, and I believe this opportunity will help me achieve that, ” he said.

I asked him why he had chosen EMS, and he stated, “I wanted to pursue EMS because I want to do something where I get to help people, and hopefully make a positive difference in their lives!” For after graduation, Marcus plans on attending Mid-State and pursuing a career in EMS!