Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Becca Bruss

by Eva Marie Woywod

Becca thought she was off the hook this week, foolish teen! Actually, Becca, has no idea that this week her column is being heisted, by me, her Editor. Becca has been writing about our area’s teens for the past 16 plus months. Her column is an idea I have had for years; however, like with most great ideas, all the elements needed to fall into place to make the impact intended.

Sitting in court one day, I ran into Becca’s mom, Mary Sue, who was there watching a hearing. During a break in the hearing we had a little chat. She told me that Becca was looking for projects to complete for her requirements at iLead Charter School in Mauston, and I told her I was looking for a teen who would like to write about how great our area's teens are. That little conversation gave birth to Becca joining The Messenger’s team.

Little did I know then just how great of a job this young lady would do for us and in showing just how many fantastic young people we have in our communities.

From day one, Becca has been eager and responsible. She is always on time with her articles and is filled with some fantastic ideas, including showing how young people can overcome struggles and teach us adults a few things.

We’ve relied on Becca for more than just her column. I know if there is a bad storm approaching, I can count on Becca to be out in it capturing the wind, rain, and whatever else may happen. Don’t worry, her father is usually right behind her. It is on those days you can find her live video reports on our Facebook page.

The Messenger team communicates throughout the week though a group message on social media. It is another place I know I can count on Becca to keep us up to date and hand off some scoops to be covered. She has ‘the bug’, what every true reporter has which makes going after a story more than just writing a report.

In addition to all of that, Becca is the source of many smiles and giggles for all of us, somehow she has kept her innocence through some heavy topics we discuss, and always has a kind word ready for whenever any of us need one.

As you can tell, we here at The Messenger are very proud of our Becca. We’ve watched her grow from a shy and somewhat timid young lady to a bubbly but professional reporter. Becca is graduating this year and while we wait for her to tell us her plans for the future, we know we can and will count on her to continue on highlighting all the wonderful teens in our community.

Thank you, Becca, for answering the call and taking on this column, making it your own!