Juneau County's Teenagers of Today: Bailey Granger

by Becca Bruss - Teen Reporter

Bailey Granger is a 17-year-old (who turned 18 on May 9) senior who attends New Lisbon High School. The person who told me about Bailey stated, “She's a CNA at Crest View, a lifeguard at NL pool, she's so great with old and young!” They finished by saying; “She is kind, thoughtful, she stays out of trouble and flies under the radar most of the time.”

I asked Bailey about the clubs she is apart of and the volunteering she does; she told me, “I've been apart of GIVE (Getting Involved through Volunteer Experiences) for four years as a member, and this year I ran for president. I taught a St.Paul's Catholic Church Catechism second grade class the last two years, and I've also been in FBLA the last three years. I have also been a student council member for three years, and this year, I am the 2018 class treasurer.” Bailey also added that she has acquired 250 hours of community service through her high school career.

I asked Bailey to tell me more about GIVE, FBLA, and about student council. She replied, “In GIVE, we host an annual dodgeball tournament to raise money to donate to a charity of the winning teams choice. FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America, I'm just a member, but this past Tuesday (May 8th), a group of us members went to the Brewer game in Milwaukee. And, as a student council, we got spring fling week and homecoming week. We do dress up days, lunch hour activities, pep rallies and also teach in the elementary about a character trait each month.”

Bailey also told me, “Sports are a big part of who I am. I played volleyball and ran in track for all four years and played basketball for three. I received the Scenic Bluff Sportsmanship Award for all three sports.” I questioned Bailey on which one she enjoyed the most and why. Bailey responded, “Track is my favorite sport. I love the family we have created within the team. Our coach has made that a priority—to create a family, not just a team. We have such a great support system.”

I finished by asking Bailey about her CNA job and what got her interested in it, “For as long as I can remember, I have known what I wanted to do with my life. Caring for people has always a passion of mine, and the medical profession has been my calling. My dream is to become a pediatric oncology nurse. After high school, I will attend Western Technical College advance my education and pursue this dream. After obtaining an associate in nursing, I plan to continue my studies at a four-year university.”

She ended by saying “I absolutely love my CNA job at Crest View Nursing Home. I love the residents. I also love lifeguarding in the summer months at our local pool in New Lisbon. I teach level 2 swimming lessons. I guess you could say I love children!”

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