Letters to the Editor/Opinion Policy

Letters to the Editor/Opinion

The Messenger of Juneau County encourages reader participation. Diverse and varied opinions are welcomed. Please be aware that because of space limitations we reserve the right to limit all contributors to one letter per person in a 60 day time period. Letters of 250 words or less may be published unless they contain language or content that the editors feel is inappropriate. Additionally, due to space constraints there is no guarantee that a letter will be published.

Examples of content that will cause letters to be rejected include the following:
• Confusing or unclear points.
• Crude language.
• Poor taste.
• Disrespectful comments regarding a group's or individual's ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation or race.
• Other incendiary language or remarks.
• Endorsements for or complaints about individually named commercial products or services.
• Poetry.
• Personal tributes, attacks or thank yous.

The Messenger will not knowingly publish factually incorrect information.

Only letters written exclusively to the newspaper will be published. Letters to a third party or those written to more than one newspaper are not accepted.

Letters written in response to other letter writers should address the issue at hand and, rather than mentioning the writer by name, should refer to the headline and date the letter was published. Discourse should be civil and people should be referred to in a respectful manner. Letters referring to news stories should also mention the headline and date of publication.

All letters must be  include the writer's street address or route address telephone number, which will be used for verification purposes only. 

Letters should be emailed to themessenger@centurytel.net.